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5.0 rating
October 24, 2019

I have been listening to Matt’s lecture for years. The content he provides is astounding. His advice is realistic and gives his listeners the tools they need for financial success. I now feel more financially confident. Couldn’t be more happy with my choice to take part in these lectures!

Jocelyn A. (UMaine Augusta dental hygiene graduate)
5.0 rating
October 11, 2019

Matthew gives a great financial freedom overview in an intimate lecture setting. His energy combined with thorough and well-organized information makes for a very useful session.

Eric C. (UMaine MBA graduate)
5.0 rating
October 6, 2019

In this lecture you will learn more about money in 90 minutes then you have in your whole entire life. It has not only changed my mindset towards money but it has made me realize that the “consumer lifestyle” is not the life for me. I didn’t want to work a 9-5 my whole life to just maybe retire at age 60-70 with little to no energy. This lecture has kickstarted me in the direction of working my ass off for 5-15 years, build my own financial empire, retire at an energetic age of 35, and start dedicating my time to my dreams. The guy even gives you your money back half way through the lecture if you don’t like the content. All in all, this lecture is 100% worth attending for a low price of $50. Some people charge thousands of dollars for this type of stuff. If that doesn’t get you fired up to conquer your dreams, then I don’t know what will. Thank you Matt.

Brad K. (UMaine construction engineering student)
5.0 rating
October 1, 2019

Upon entering Matthew Acheson’s office, I had doubts that Matt, or anyone else, could give me real, trustworthy information about how to create a life of financial freedom. Seeing my family, my friends, and myself struggle with money, and lack thereof, had made me have a very negative outlook of what my future could be. I did not want to stress, living pay-check to pay-check, or work a job I didn’t love to support a lifestyle I was financially obligated to live. I wanted freedom. Having seen so many profiles on social media proclaiming to have found the “secret to wealth,” his lecture smelled of a money-making scheme at first. I wondered why I hadn’t heard of such valuable information already, or why it wasn’t taught in schools. It turned out that Matt’s lecture was not a scheme, but a hugely positive experience. After just the first lecture I can finally say, for one of the few times in my life, that my doubt was proven wrong. Matt gave me the gift of knowledge, and taught me what no one else has taught me about how to create a life that I want, and secure a financial future based on MY goals. If a life of financial freedom isn’t something you’re looking to work towards, maybe this isn’t the lecture for you. Otherwise, I would highly suggest taking a chance on this like I did.

Natalie C. (UMaine education major)

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