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Our Lectures

Each lecture is 3-4 hours long, in a small class setting of 1-5 people so our students can ask as many questions as they want. These presentations happen right in our Cryptic Companies office, so overhead is low, which allows us to keep it affordable. So for the cost of a few take-out dinners you can learn from a financially free investor how to get your money right, build wealth, and retire young.

REFUND POLICY:  About a third of the way through each lecture I offer an early release with a full refund to anyone who doesn’t feel like they are getting good value for their money.

lecture #101: Get Your Money Right

OVERVIEW: How are you going to build a money machine for yourself without learning to lay the proper groundwork for success? In this course we teach students how to get their money right. We start by helping you define your wealth building why, then we move step by step through how money works, making more, saving more, and getting it to start multiplying on its own.

Price: $100/student


  • Defining your wealth building why.
  • Creating your money scorecard.
  • Slaying debt demons.
  • Mindset: consume or invest?
  • The 4-step foundation.
  • Build your future and retire young.

HANDOUTS: Your wealth worksheet, money scorecard, and reading list.

lecture #201: Real Estate - Basics

OVERVIEW: Introduction to generating passive income with rental real estate.

Price: $200/student


  • Strategy: Introducing the 3 ways to profit in real estate.
  • Crazy land: The good, bad, and ugly of being a landlord.
  • Landlord or investor: Passive vs. active rental income.
  • Cashflow: Basics of an operating P&L.
  • Making offers: 3 methods to evaluate deals.
  • Chose a market: How to determine if a market is good to invest in.

HANDOUTS: Real estate investing quick guide, sample Operating P&L, and reading list.

lecture #202: Real Estate - "House Hacking"

OVERVIEW: Step by step walk-through and analysis of how I "house hacked" my 5,000 sqft mansion and live there for $50/mo.

Price: $200/student


  • Finding a multi-unit house to live in for free.
  • Running the numbers & researching municipal code.
  • Understanding the seller.
  • Psychology of negotiating and making the offer.
  • Phase 1: Living well for cheap.
  • Phase 2: Turning the house into a profit center.

HANDOUTS: Operating P&L for the house hack, and reading list.

lecture #203: Enterpreneurship

OVERVIEW: Introduction to starting a profitable small business.

Price: $200/student

  • Is entrepreneurship right for you?
  • Owning a job vs. owning a business.
  • Basics of a P&L and balance sheet.
  • Scalability and preventing successful failures.
  • Bootstrapping with cash vs. debt.
  • Create a brand—it’s never been easier.
  • CMG’s “profit first, mugs later” strategy.

HANDOUTS: “Profit first, mugs later” strategy reference, sample P&L, sample balance sheet, and reading list.

lecture #301: Real Estate - Empire Building

OVERVIEW: Introduction to cost recovery, CAPEX, expansion strategies, and exit planning.

Price: $400/student

  • Tax benefits of rental real estate.
  • Figuring CAPEX into your offers.
  • Understanding debt and bank underwriting.
  • Growth strategies - managing risk and building your empire

HANDOUTS: A sample deal sheet for a real life Cryptic House LLC acquisition, and reading list.