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Cryptic Money Guy

My name is Matthew Acheson and I’m a financially free real estate investor. I own my time, spend it how I choose to spend it, and wake up every day excited to work, build wealth, and find ways to add value to people’s lives.

Matt’s Background

  • * 15+ years of corporate management experience.
  • * Director of Operations at privately held manufacturing company.
  • * Director of Cloud Services at a publicly traded phone company.
  • * Director of R&D at a publicly traded software company.
  • * 10+ years of experience actively investing in real estate (rentals, flips) and paper assets.
  • * Founder of several small businesses in e-commerce, real estate, financial education, and service industries.
  • * Matt is not a lawyer, accountant, or certified financial adviser. So he provides education, not advice.
With a background like that I must really have my financial act together right? Well I do now for sure, but things weren’t always this great. In fact for quite a while it was a complete train wreck. For years I made all the wrong moves: got into consumer debt and had to spend years digging out, started several businesses without the knowledge needed to make them succeed and took some extreme risks in the paper assets markets and lost


It’s been a wild and crazy ride. But I’ve learned from every setback and success, and in that two decade process of growth I’ve managed to develop significant expertise in investing, entrepreneurship, and business. Despite all of the financial mistakes and debt detours in my life, I pushed relentlessly forward and achieved financial security at 38 and financial freedom at 40. Every day of work since then has been by choice not necessity. That is an amazing feeling that I want everyone to have the opportunity to earn!

I tried early retirement for 3 months, but I’m still young (and a workaholic) so it wasn’t for me. Now I’m having a lot of fun managing R&D for a huge multinational software company, growing my rental company part-time, and giving lectures to young people about “getting their money right” in their 20’s so they can go on to earn their financial freedom in their 30’s as I did.

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